Our Company

As we mentioned before we are a family owned and operated company, but what exactly does that mean? For many years I have worked for someone else, whether it was installing equipment or working shifts in a manufacturing facility. I helped others build their vision. After years of doing so it was clear that the visions I was helping build were not the same ones that I believed in. At that time I decided to listen to the only person that I would listen to, myself, and start my own vision. I take pride in my work and I believe that if it is not acceptable for my house then it is not acceptable for my customers. My wife and I set out to establish a company that was based on the values and lessons we teach our children and run our household.

The simple saying, “You get what you give” is true, however there is so much more that needs to go with that phrase. When you give, you do receive back, but often times you don’t get back what you have given. We tell our children, in life if you give 100% you are average, it takes more than that to stand out. Being average in the world will not get you beyond your goals. Striving to be the best in anything will take hard work and determination and you will give more of yourself and your time then you will get back. This may seem like a difficult task to accomplish, but it is never crowded along the extra mile.

Coupled with a diverse group of professions, Simply Custom Solutions has 20 years of extensive experience in multiple aspects of home and commercial security applications, as well as construction trades. We tend to use this experience along with our values to continue to build a reputable and sincere business that is aimed at satisfying every customer and building a lasting relationship with them.