Automatic Gates

automatic gates

There are different types and styles of automatic gates that Self-Storage facilities use some of the most common are slide gates, cantilever gates, bi-parting gates and vertical lift gates.

Slide Gates is exactly what the name implies. These gates slide on wheels from a left to right or right to left operation. These gates are generally installed in the closed position. The operation is fairly simple. A chain is attached across the gate near the bottom of the gate and passes through an operator which controls the opening and closing of the gate. These types of gates are manufactured heavier and sturdier than most. Control loops and security photo eyes keep the gates from coming in contact with vehicles and other objects as they pass through.

Cantilever gates are built larger than the required opening. The reason is to hang the gate on two or more mounting posts and have the gate suspend off the posts into the gate opening. No part of the gate comes in contact with the ground in a direct way or indirect way. These gates cantilever to close the opening via wheels that are installed on a vertical post. This type of system is preferred in areas where ground debris may occur. Since this type of gate never touches the ground so uneven ground or debris in the drive will not hinder its operation.

Bi-Parting Gates swing open like doors, simply opening inward or outward. There are several operating systems that are used to control the operation of these gates. An operator is a box with that either uses a hydraulic piston or a jackscrew-operated piston to control the opening and closing of gates. As with any automatic gate system security measures such as control loops and photo eyes are installed to keep the gates from coming in contact with any object passing through.

Vertical Lift gates are as the name implies. These gates will lift vertical above the vehicles that pass through the opening. The vertical lift gate is considered to be the most secure type of gate that can be installed. There is almost a zero possibility of someone opening this gate in a manual form. They cannot be pushed open or pulled open only a vertical lift motion will open the gate. Since these gates can be made out of pretty much any material they also can be very aesthetically pleasing.

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