Commercial Access Control Systems

There has come a time to where many companies are choosing commercial access control systems for their facilities. Commercial access control systems provides restricted or authorized entry into areas such as parking lots, buildings or specific rooms. The operation for a commercial access control system is fairly simple. A reader, which may be a scanner or a keypad, is presented with certain credential information, then the information is then sent to a control panel, a highly reliable processor. Once the information is received it is verified to an access control list, it either grants or denies the request, in either way a transaction log is sent to a database. If the entry is granted the control panel operates on a relay and unlocks the door, if access is not granted it ignores the signal and the door remains locked. Door King, PIT/Digitech, Sentinel Systems, Honeywell Access, Rosslare, Keri Systems, Visonic, Chamberlain, RCI, HID, Lenel, and DMP are trusted manufactures of access control systems and are our preferred dealers.

Commercial Access Control Systems Make It Possible

commercial access Control Systems

The sophistication can be a simple stand-alone key-pad or intercom to a full-fledged building control system. Many of our customers in the Charlotte Metro area use a stand-alone keypad which includes an intercom or PIN system, along with controlling an automatic gate system. It is also a popular application for residential neighborhoods who want to limit or restrict access into areas such as Club Houses and swimming pool areas. This options helps control who enters their property 24/7, but doesn’t restrict access to those who need it at any given time. Other business have taken one step further and added a Multi-door Monitored Access Control System. This type of system is used to restrict access into buildings or rooms. This type of system can also be coupled with a CCTV surveillance system. When the system is activated a quick snapshot is stored of the person that is entering into the restricted area. This ensures employees or others do not share their special credentials with others.

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