Residential Security Cameras

Residential Security Cameras

Residential Security Cameras can be installed in combination with your automatic gate and access control system of your driveway. These cameras can provide instant video or snapshots of guests through the intercom system. These visuals can be seen via smartphones, which allows you the ability to know when someone is at your house whether you are or not. Call us for further details and options for your current automatic gate or future gate purchase.

Take home comfort to the next level. Residential Security Cameras give you that secure since of protection and eyes around the clock. Residential Security Cameras can help and sometimes eliminate common vandalism, break-ins, trespassing and more. Protecting your family and possessions can be complicated with busy schedules and to-dos. Smart phone technology can provide live video feeds from your home to your phone in just a few clicks.

Residential Security Cameras can also store backups throughout the day to remote storage. Remote storage such as servers or cloud services make protecting your footage during a break-in untouchable. Protecting your evidence can be the most valuable part of home or business security.

Night vision security cameras are also available. Areas without effective lighting will clearly get a better result with night vision. Cameras in darker areas can be rendered useless after dark and that’s almost half the year blind. Shop with Simply Custom Solutions to get your residential property secure. We have years of experience in protecting your home with high quality Security Cameras.

Simply Custom Solutions has residential security camera solutions for the Charlotte, Hickory, Greensboro and Lake Norman areas.

Contact us today for a quote of our services or call us directly at 704.220.6977 (Charlotte) or 336.816.1717 (Greensboro).

Are you a local business owner as well? Protect your business as you would your home. We have the team to cover every angle of your facility with security systems you can count on.