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Access Control System

There has come a time to where many companies are choosing access control options for their facilities. Access control system provides restricted or authorized entry into areas such as parking lots, buildings or specific rooms. The operation for an access control system is fairly simple. A reader, which may be a scanner or a keypad, is presented with certain credential information, then the information is then sent to a control panel…[read more]

access control
Automatic Gates

Automatic gates have become more common for commercial properties. With technologies and the innovation of perimeter control systems, options for gating and traffic control are numerous. Whether the commercial property is in a heavily populated area or in a rural area there are many styles of automatic gates to choose from… [read more]

Custom Fencing

Commercial Fencing can provide multiple purposes. Perimeter security is one of the main reasons businesses look to invest in fencing options. Just as residential customers have many choices, so do our commercial customers. Ornamental fencing can dress up the façade of your business but also add protection in areas such as swimming pools, playgrounds, and parking lots… [read more]

Preventative Maintenance

Commercial facilities and building that have automatic gates, access control, security cameras, and fencing have them for a purpose. The option of these types of systems to fail and remain inoperable is not one that is acceptable. These types of systems require routine maintenance to ensure proper operation at all times…[read more]