Access Control Systems

access control systems

Access Control Systems are important for Self-Storage facilities not only are they protecting their own investment they are protecting their customers personal or business items. Security measures always include entire perimeter barriers. Systems can be put into place to restrict access into the property. Allowing entry only with a preprogramed code. This code can be changed as frequent as needed and is relatively easy for Self-Storage owners to do themselves.

The operation for an access control system is fairly simple. A reader, which may be a scanner or a keypad, is presented with certain credential information, then the information is then sent to a control panel, a highly reliable processor. Once the information is received it is verified to an access control list, it either grants or denies the request, in either way a transaction log is sent to a database. If the entry is granted the control panel operates on a relay and unlocks the door, if access is not granted it ignores the signal and the door remains locked. Door King, PIT/Digitech, Sentinel Systems, Honeywell Access, Rosslare, Keri Systems, Visonic, Chamberlain, RCI, HID, Lenel, and DMP are trusted manufactures of access control systems and are our preferred dealers.

Many of our self-storage facility owners pair the access control system with automatic gates, intercoms, and cameras systems. Combining these security systems together allows for customers to access their belongings at any time of day without the need of Self-Storage personnel needing be present. The use of bollards will help protect installed equipment from damage and can provide a barrier between items that need to be protected.

Simply Custom Solutions has self-storage access control systems for the Charlotte, Hickory, Greensboro and Lake Norman areas.

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