Preventative Maintenance

Preventative MaintenanceAutomatic security gates, access control systems, and security cameras are one of the most important features of a Self-Storage facility. Securing the perimeter and entering into the property is solely dependent upon the functionality of the gate and its system. Whether these systems include slide gates, cantilever gates, bi-parting gates, or vertical gates the use and wear will become evident within time. The option of these types of systems to fail and remain inoperable is not one that is acceptable. These types of systems require routine maintenance to ensure proper operation at all times. The primary goal of preventative maintenance is to avoid or mitigate the consequences of failure of a piece of equipment. Preventing periods of failure can easily be done by routine maintenance such as inspection, adjustments, cleaning, lubrication, and overhauls. Additionally having a routine check can identify potential items that may lead to failures in the future. Being proactive with any type of security system or equipment can save customers thousands of dollars in needless replacements of repairs. It will also ensure these systems do not damage or hinder other pieces of equipment of vehicles.

Simply Custom Solutions can tailor a maintenance agreement to our customer’s needs. Whether monthly. Quarterly, Semi-annual, or Annual we can give the peace of mind knowing that the systems are operating efficiently and effectively. Simple routine maintenance measures of checking camera mobility and clearing of dust surrounding them can increase the list span of the equipment and help capture clear concise pictures when needed. Aligning phot sensors for automatic gates will ensure proper activation occurs when visitors approach. When maintenance items are kept on a regular basis it helps increase the lifespan of automatic gates, intercoms, access control systems, and security cameras. It is better to have a routine maintenance program in place than to spend thousands of dollars to replace a system early. Call Simply Custom Solutions to find out the options for securing and protecting the investment of your systems.