Self Storage

Safe storage is the main priority at any self storage facility, Make sure your facility is safe and secure from thieves or vandals.

Access Control System

Access Control Systems are important for Self-Storage facilities not only are they protecting their own investment they are protecting their customers personal or business items. Security measures always include entire perimeter barriers. Systems can be put into place to restrict access into the property…[read more]

Automatic Gates

There are different types and styles of automatic gates that Self-Storage facilities use some of the most common are slide gates, cantilever gates, bi-parting gates and vertical lift gates.
Slide Gates is exactly what the name implies. These gates slide on wheels from a left to right or right to left operation…[read more]

Custom Fencing

As mentioned Self-Storage facilities require full perimeter security. The installation of fencing will protect what’s inside from those on the outside. Although there are many types of fencing that can be used a more heavily galvanized choice coupled with barb-wire is often the choice when it comes to owners of these types of facilities… [read more]

Security Cameras

The use of security cameras in Self-Storage facilities protects facility owners, and rental customers in multiple ways. For owners these cameras can help monitor your office, employees, and the perimeter of your property. These camera systems can be strategically placed throughout the facility grounds… [read more]

Preventative Maintenance

Automatic security gates, access control systems, and security cameras are one of the most important features of a Self-Storage facility. Securing the perimeter and entering into the property is solely dependent upon the functionality of the gate and its system. Whether these systems include slide gates, cantilever gates, bi-parting gates, or vertical gates the use and wear will become evident within time…[read more]