Enhance the aesthetic appearance of your property by adding an automatic gate system to your entry and/or add curb appeal to your home with a fencing boundary option.

Automatic Gates

There are many options to protecting your home from unwanted guests. One option that will increase your property value and add an appearance of appeal, are automatic driveway gates. The demand for automatic gates in some form has risen and we have answered that demand with endless options for homeowners. Now businesses are not the only ones that have the ability and financing to secure their driveway with the ease…[read more]

Custom Fencing

Securing the perimeter of your house may be as simple as containing children and pets or to provide privacy. Whatever the need may be Simply Custom Solutions has experience in the installation of different types of fencing. Different types of wooden pickets or wooden panels will provide privacy as well as security. Customers who choose these types of fencing options generally are looking to seclude their yards for multiple reasons…[read more]

Security Cameras

Security Cameras can be installed in combination with your automatic gate and access control system of your driveway. These cameras can provide instant video or snapshots of guests through the intercom system. These visuals can be seen via smartphones, which allows you the ability to know when someone is at your house…[read more]

Preventative Maintenance

When it comes to securing your home and protecting your loved ones, there is no cost too great. Although these words are true it does not necessarily mean that the cost of maintain automatic driveway gates, intercoms, or access control systems should be astronomical. When maintenance items are kept on a regular basis it helps increase the lifespan of automatic driveway gates, intercoms, and access control systems…[read more]