Our Guarantee

Dealing with Simply Custom Solutions is far different than dealing with your typical service and installation company when it comes to guarantee. We believe our work continues long after the job is done. If a customer is not satisfied then we are not satisfied. We back our manufacturer’s warranties on equipment, but we also do something that other companies don’t. We will warranty our labor on these parts as well. Being said that, there are times in which we take it upon ourselves to make something right that is beyond our control. For example, we installed a spilt rail fence for a customer a few years ago. We happened to drive by their house a month later and noticed one of the rails had bowed excessively. We called the customer to let them know we would be out to replace that one rail at no cost to him. The bowing of the rail is something that was of no fault on our end, but it also was no fault of our customer. Needless to say he was taken back by our commitment to him in the fact that we took care of something that was shear aesthetic in nature.

We take pride in our workmanship for every installation and service that we provide. Our guarantee is in line with our mission and our beliefs as a family owned company. A company is only as good as the work they provide and many people are plagued with bad customer service tactics from people or companies they have dealt with in the past. When we are hired to perform a job or service we will always be ready and willing to help our customers in any way possible so they are completely satisfied with the job that we have done. Our goal is to have lifelong relationships with our customers and the only way to accomplish this is to be and do what we say we will do, guaranteed!