Commercial Security Cameras

commercial security camerasCommercial security cameras offer a great way to provide security for a business. Capturing video footage of any events that happen and also serve as a deterrent to would be criminals or criminal acts. Although many people think of security cameras that are posed on corners of buildings, there are other applications cameras are used. Many facilities incorporate security cameras into their access control system. The access control system restricts areas but when coupled with commercial security cameras these areas have a video or capture a snapshot of the person or persons entering. Depending on your business’s size and location will help determine what type of security systems to purchase and where on your property to place the systems. If your business is larger or multiple stories, you might need more security cameras than a smaller business to make sure you capture every inch of your property. When considering security cameras you may want to consider the type of images you want to capture.

Keep A Watch With Commercial Security Cameras

Black and white cameras can produce a clearer picture in less light. Intensifiers can increase the ambient light levels so you can see more. Infrared work in low light settings. They basically send out infrared signals and record what is bounced back. Infrared is invisible to the naked eye, so the camera can record what’s happening even when it is pitch black. Image quality and coverage or range of view are things to consider when deciding on what type of camera to purchase. Simply Custom Solutions can help determine which type of equipment would be best based on your needs and wants. Some of our manufactures include: Pelco, Sony, Honeywell, Toshiba, Bosch, AVS Systems, Axis, Speco, Geovision, Panasonic, Hikvision, and Digital Watch Dog.

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